Four LTN schemes could be scrapped in Brent

Brent Council has launched School Streets which is not the same as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods it is

Brent Council has launched School Streets and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods as part of TfL's Streetspace scheme. Picture: Brent Council - Credit: Brent Council

Four low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in Brent could be removed but other schemes could be expanded after a trial “polarised” residents.

Brent Council is meeting on Monday (January 17) to discuss scrapping LTN, also known as “healthy neighbourhood”, schemes that are around Olive Road, Dollis Hill, Preston Road, Tokyngton & Wembley. 

The authority’s cabinet will also mull dropping the restriction at Mordaunt Road - part of the Stonebridge and Harlesden scheme which will otherwise remain.

Members will vote on the recommendations of council officers set out in a report which also advises that the 26 school street schemes are made permanent.

The council began to introduce the trials from September 2020 as a way of reducing cars and pollution on residential streets by stopping through traffic.  

However, as the report notes, the measures have been “controversial” with London Ambulance Service raising concerns that congestion created on other roads slowed response times. 

A recent survey found 70 to 91 per cent of respondents opposed the current schemes.

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Richard Rowland, who gathered 1,129 signatures for a petition demanding the removal of all schemes in Cricklewood, has welcomed the development.

A statement from his pressure group Stop the LTN – Cricklewood said: “[This is] a win, for now. 

“From the onset, the whole project has been badly managed. Brent Council lacked any real contact with residents about this scheme.

“With the upcoming local elections looming, the council has performed a U-turn for [the sake of gaining] votes. 

“We therefore ask councillors to permanently reject all of this LTN nonsense now and listen to residents or face the consequences at the ballot box.” 

However, the group has hit out at other elements of the papers which propose expanding the school streets (which place restrictions on traffic outside schools during drop-off times) programme and installing cameras to help manage them. 

“Are these not LTNs by another name?” the statement added. 

The council officer’s report added that “public opinion is polarised” but said any claim of a lack of consultation is a “misconception”. 

“There is also a lack of public understanding on the benefits of these schemes,” it said.

Cllr Shama Tatler told the Times: “We are committed to listening to local people and working with our communities to clean up Brent’s air.”

The article was amended at 4.43pm. The original stated that 'five' schemes were set to be removed. This was corrected to four - with the clarification that Tokyngton & Wembley is one scheme rather than two.