Barbecue ban after 'irreparable damage' to park bench

Barbecues banned by Brent Council after bench melted

Barbecues banned by Brent Council after bench melted - Credit: LDRS

Brent Council has urged people not to use instant barbecues in parks this summer after they melted holes in a bench. 

Pictures taken by the council showed “irreparable damage” to a bench in Fryent Open Space after visitors had placed the barbecues directly on the surface. 

At one point, the heat created a huge hole in the bench, while others had left large craters which meant the bench could no longer be used. 

Cllr Krupa Sheth, lead councillor for the environment, infrastructure and climate action at Brent Council, said: “Instant barbecues pose a safety risk to park-goers and can damage park property. 

“We saw this really recently in Fryent Open Space, where a bench was destroyed beyond repair by an instant barbecue, spoiling things for everyone.

“This summer we want all residents to be safe and enjoy all that our parks have to offer, so we’re issuing a timely reminder to everyone that instant barbecues are not to be used on park premises.”

The council added instant barbecues can create a mess, which often has to be cleared by council workers, and are bad for the environment. 

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Using instant barbecues in parks in Brent is banned under a public spaces protection order, which seeks to improve the borough’s green spaces through a number of rules.  

Breaching this order, which also covers drinking alcohol, urinating and littering in public, can lead to a £100 fine.  

With London experiencing hot weather at the moment, the council has also encouraged anyone using barbecues privately to do so safely. 

Last year, the London Fire Brigade reminded people that instant barbecues can pose a fire risk and should never be used indoors or on balconies. 

It added that using disposable barbecues can lead to grass fires as, sometimes, it can take time for the embers to die down.