Residents have started a petition protesting the "over-development" of their neighbourhood amid plans to build council homes in Brondesbury Park.

Brent Council is consulting on a proposal to develop land in Clement Close to create 22 family homes and shared green space.

The site currently has nine buildings with a total of 88 homes, made up of a mix of housing including bungalows, town houses and blocks of flats.

Residents of Clement Close described it as a "wonderful green neighbourhood" home to a "community" of more than 70 families.

Ghinwa Haroun, one of the petition organisers, said: "Although we understand the need for more affordable housing and agree with Brent’s Council aspiration to make the most of its under-used land and property assets, we argue that Clement Close is not under-used, nor is it suitable for the outlined development, and we strongly oppose this proposal.

"Protecting green spaces and children’s play areas has dramatic effects on the carbon footprint and mental health."

Cllr Promise Knight, Brent's housing lead, said: “We will be holding a public meeting over the next few weeks to discuss the plans, and answer any questions or concerns people may have. Once arrangements have been confirmed, information about the public meeting will be sent to residents, and will also be available on our website

“We delivered more than 200 newsletters to households in the neighbourhood, and we have extended the consultation period into August so that more residents can feedback on the proposals.

“It’s really important that we listen to residents’ voices to create a fairer and more equal borough. I would also encourage anyone who can’t make the public meeting to raise any issues about the project with their ward councillor.”

In a letter to residents, Cllr Knight said there is a "chronic housing shortage" in the borough. More than 1,400 households in Brent are in temporary accommodation currently and the average wait for a three-bedroom home is 14 years.

Brent Council aiming for an average of 1,000 affordable homes to be built across the borough every year for the next five years.

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