Liverpool player Raheem Sterling in surprise visit to Wembley school

Raheem Sterling with Paul Lawrence

Raheem Sterling with Paul Lawrence - Credit: Archant

Teenage footballer stops and chats to his former teachers at Copland Community School

A premiership footballer went back to his old school in Wembley during an impromptu visit last week.

Raheem Sterling, who plays for Liverpool, stopped outside Copland Community School in Cecil Ave, where he had a chat with his former teachers.

The 18-year-old winger, who formerly lived in the St Raphael’s Estate in Neasden, was driving past the school when he spotted his former sports coach Paul Lawrence and other staff so he pulled over.

Mr Lawrence told the Times despite his fame and fortune the teenager, who earns an estimated £30,000 a week, is still the same person.

He said: “He’s very grounded. He hasn’t changed he’s the same Raheem that I meet all those years ago.

“We spoke about lots of things and its nice to hear he is helping youngsters back in Jamaica where he was born.”

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Copland has a history of churning out professional football players including 17-year-old Reece Mitchell who plays for Chelsea and former Arsenal player Kerrea Gilbert who is now a full back at Shamrock Rover.

Mr Lawrence said the school now plans to open an academy, he added: “It’s something we would like to do to help boys with their studies and getting into the football industry.

“It would be good to get Raheem on board.”