Library user charged �40 to return his books

Clampers target book lover as he uses library car park

A LIBRARY user ended up �40 out of pocket despite returning his books on time after his vehicle was clamped in the building’s car park.

Neil Walsh, of Crest Road, Neasden, claims the fine came out of the blue as he had been using the car park at Willesden Green Library, in High Road, for years and had never been clamped before.

He said: “It’s a bit of a shame when you go to the library as a legitimate customer and get clamped for parking. I was gob smacked.

“Even the �80 fine is more than they charge in Sainsbury’s car park.”

Library users can park for free but must display a permit in the window, but Mr Walsh said it was news to him.

He said: “They don’t make any effort to let people know. There’s a yellow and black notice but it’s too high up and there’s nothing I can see in the library that tells you.”

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“I don’t complain normally but this is so unfair.”

After negotitating with the clamping firm, his fined was halved.

The Times’ photographer was equally shocked at the news after taking Mr Walsh’s picture following the clamping last week.

Jan Nevill said: “I’ve never seen the notices before. I can’t believe they have been there since 2009. I’ve been parking there for years and never been clamped. I think they have changed the sign without telling people.”

However a spokeswoman for Brent Council said the parking system, run by a private contractor, has been in place since February 2009 so that genuine library users could get a space.

She said: “There are already 16 signs warning of the risk of clamping on eight lampposts in the car park and further four affixed on the library walls which are visible upon entry to the car park.”