Lib Dem PPC for Brent Central gives The Budget the thumbs up

Ibrahim Taguri claims the Budget lays out a solid foundation for a promising future

Ibrahim Taguri claims the Budget lays out a solid foundation for a promising future - Credit: Archant

The Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidiate for Brent Central has called Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget a good start to a “promising future.”

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has implemented new tax reforms, including granting the Lib Dems their wish of raising the tax-free allowance by £500 to £10,500,

This means 17,000 more borough residents earning below this figure will be exempt from paying income tax from April 2015, according to Ibrahim Taguri, who hopes to step into Sarah Teather’s shoes in 2015,

“This is something we have campaigned for, and something which will have a positive impact on tens of thousands of Brent citizens,” he said.

“We are living in tough times, and the new income tax reforms means that those who are already feeling the pitch will have more money to spend.”

The Budget also outlines the merger of cash and shares individual saving accounts (Isa) into a single new Isa, which increases the amount of money that can be saved tax free to £15,000.

“Again, this goes with what I said about laying the foundations of a promising future. This policy encourages and rewards those who handle their money responsibly,” the Lib Dem man said.

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Brent residents travelling to far reaching countries, including the Caribbean, will see the price of their tickets slash, following cuts in tax on a number of long haul.

“This is great news for Brent residents, particularly to those who originate from Caribbean islands,” Mr Taguri said.

“We had a ridiculous situation whereby people who wanted to visit their home country paid more than what it would cost to visit a state in America of similar distance.”

New reforms on gambling will see a raise duty on fixed odds betting terminals to 25 per cent, which have mushroomed in Kilburn and other areas of the borough with the growth of betting shops.

“The proliferation of betting shops has been a problem in Brent in recent years, something in which we have lobbied against, but these new measures goes some way in protecting those addicted to fixed betting machines.”

Other notable policies include a £200 million pothole kitty, to be used to repair cracks and cervices on roads nationally, and an increase in direct lending from government to UK businesses to promote exports.

“A lot still needs to be done to protect the vulnerable but I think the new policies go some way in setting the foundations for a stronger economy and a fairer society,” Mr Taguri said.