Times letters: Support for Cllr Abdirazak and transparent council

There are demands to have Cllr Abdirazak Abdi reinstated.

There are demands to have Cllr Abdirazak Abdi reinstated. - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Times’ readers this week.

Stand up for sacked councillor

Sam Weinstein, campaign organiser, Kilburn Brent Labour Party branch, writes:

Kay Chapman’s letter (August 23) hits the nail on the head in asking: “Why did others on the [planning] committee not vote like [Cllr Abdirazak]?” The councillor seems to have been extraordinarily well prepared to deal with issues before the committee and was able to recite chapter and verse to us about why he voted against putting kids at risk by constructing a primary school in a high-traffic area of Wembley.

That planning committee is supposed to be non-partisan, where the members vote based on what is good for our communities and in accordance with their consciences. It is of course also a committee that is always under pressure from developers’ money and potential perks, neither of which has a conscience or the best interests of our communities at heart. Hence the severe lack of affordable housing, which was another item Cllr Abdirazak has shown he is willing stand up for.

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As someone who grew up in Willesden and now lives in Kilburn, I am glad to see both Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party and the Brent Labour Local Campaign Forum have passed resolutions supporting the councillor and demanding his reinstatement.

Paul’s right to call for transparency

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Trevor Ellis, Chalk Hill Road, Wembley, writes:

I want to share my thoughts on Paul Scott’s letter (“How can we trust the council?” August 30).

I think he is right to call for transparency from Brent Council.

Councillors should be upfront in everything they do because they are elected on the basis of the agreement made between themselves and the electorate. If a councillor breaks that agreement and then refuses to speak about it when called to account, they are treating the electorate with contempt.

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