Letter on floods and climate change

Cambridge Gardens in Kilburn under water after downpour on July 12

Cambridge Gardens, Kilburn, under water after downpour last month - Credit: Submitted

Flood risk on the rise

Pam Laurance and Ian Saville, Aylesbury Street, Neasden, write:

Have the recent floods in Brent (and other parts of London and Europe) been a ‘blip’ or a sign that climate change is getting worse?

Who has more experience at assessing risk than insurance companies? We moved into our house in Neasden, near the River Brent and the feeder canal, 22 years ago. At that time insurance companies worked out our risk on the basis that the flood risk area stopped about 100 yards from our house. Currently they take it as stopping about a yard from our house.

We need governments, globally, nationally and locally to take immediate effective action to slow down climate change. They have not been doing nearly enough.