Letter on banning wearing of religious symbols

A Muslim family wearing hijabs walk through Small Heath in Birmingham

A Muslim family wearing hijabs - Credit: PA Images


Sadia Jowaheer, Village Way, Neasden, writes:

The ruling by the EU court on banning the wearing of religious symbols has sparked anxiety and anger in people of faith.

The wearing of the Muslim headscarf, the Christian cross, the Sikh turban, the Jewish kippa allows people of faith to express their individuality. In what way does the wearing of these symbols impede an employee from conducting their work?

Muslim women wearing the hijab are often subjected to words such as “oppression” and “forced” when this is rarely the case. Does the Court of Justice of the European Union now not bear the hand of the oppressors themselves?

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Being a person of faith, I am disheartened about this ruling and cannot imagine the fear of those in the EU. Having worn the hijab by choice and for many years, it is part of my identity and I would not be myself without it. Who has the right to take our identity away in the name of so-called “neutrality”?

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