Labour oust last Lib Dem councillor left in Alperton

Councillors Bhagwanji Chohan, Mili Patel and James Allie

Councillors Bhagwanji Chohan, Mili Patel and James Allie - Credit: Archant

Labour has gained overall control of the Alperton ward.

Long-standing Lim Dem councillor Daniel Brown lost his seat after his former party colleague James Allie pipped him to the post with Bhagwanji Chohan and Mili Patel.

In July 2012, Cllr Allie defected from the Lib Dems to the Labour Party.



Samira AHMED, Lib Dem: 1,553

Yusuf AKRAM, Green Party: 325

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James ALLIE, Labour: 2,317 ELECTED

Daniel BROWN, Lib Dem: 1,691

Bhagwanji CHOHAN, Labour: 2,305 ELECTED

Shamim CHOWDHURY, Conservative: 612

Ramila MISTRY, Conservative: 506

Mili PATEL, Labour: 2,309 ELECTED

Trusha PATEL, Lib Dem: 1,669

Gerald SOAMES, Conservative: 452

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