Labour hold Stonebridge ward

Labour have held the Stonebridge ward with one of their new councillors receiving the highest number of votes in Brent.

Cllr Sabina Khan topped the popularity chart by receiving 2,638 votes in the strong-hold Labour ward.

She is joined by fellow newbie Ernest Ezeajughi and Zaffar Van Kalwala who has represented the ward since 2007.



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Ernest EZEAJUGHI, Labour: 2,522 ELECTED

Summer JAFFERALI, Conservative, 331

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Sabina KHAN, Labour: 2,638 ELECTED

Susan LAKE, Lib Dem: 406

Donald MACARTHUR, Lib Dem,: 356

Brian ORR, Green Party: 289

Rohit PATEL Conservative: 317

Pritul RABADIA, Conservative: 252

Dineshkumar SHAH, Lib Dem: 260

Zaffar VAN KALWALA Labour: 2,386 ELECTED

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