Labour gain overall control of Queen’s Park

Councillors Bernard Collier, Tom Miller and Lesley Jones

Councillors Bernard Collier, Tom Miller and Lesley Jones - Credit: Archant

Labour has gained overall control of Queen’s Park.

The Lib Dems lost their sole seat in the ward which had been held by Simon Green.

The ward’s current Labour councillor James Denselow is joined by newbie Eleanor Southwood and former Queen’s Park councillor Neil Nerva.

Simon Green had the worst attendance record in the council with him showing up at just 17 per cent of meetings in the last six months.


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Abdul ALAWIYE, Conservative: 624

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Jonathan BERTULIS-FERNANDES, Lib Dem: 520

Virginia BONHAM-CARTER, Lib Dem: 723

James DENSELOW, Labour: 1,727 ELECTED

Alex FREED, Green Party: 750

Neil NERVA, Labour: 1,650 ELECTED

Jennifer POWERS, Conservative: 784

Shaun ROSSE, Conservative: 708

Eleanor SOUTHWOOD, Labour: 1,587 ELECTED

Isabella THOMAS, Lib Dem: 549

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