Kingsbury woman mauled by two Mastiffs calls for greater controls on dogs in Brent

Pet owner and her Bolognese terrier were bitten while walking in park

A dog lover who was hospitalised after she and her pet were savaged by two Mastiffs in a Kingsbury park is calling for all dogs to be kept on leads in the borough’s open spaces.

Sally Pearce needed an operation and her two-year-old Bolognese terrier Norman ran up a �800 vet’s bill after they were attacked by the two dogs in Silver Jubilee Park last week.

Last year Brent Council introduced a �75 on- the-spot fine for owners who failed to keep their dogs on leads in more than 30 parks across the borough.

Silver Jubilee Park is not on the list.

Ms Pearce, who lives in Townsend Lane, Kingsbury, said: “I would definitely support a ruling to keep dogs on leads, especially if they are muzzled and clearly dangerous.

“There is no way I would take a dog like that off the lead.

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“This is not an isolated incident and I have often heard of dogs attacking other dogs in this park but when a dog attacks a human, that is the end.

“It has to come to a time when you should apply this to every park because if humans are being attacked it is ridiculous.”

Ms Pearce spent three days in hospital after having an operation to treat severed tendons in both her hands following the terrifying four-minute attack.

Norman had to have his tail amputated, suffered internal bleeding, a dislocated spine and several puncture wounds from bites.

Ms Pearce said: “It’s a miracle that Norman survived. I can’t stop thinking about what might have happened.

“Imagine if there had been a small child there, they could easily have been killed.”

“What happened will stay with me forever.

“You should not have to be fearful of going for a walk. It’s ridiculous.”

The owner of the Mastiffs left his details with the police, who were called to the scene.

Cllr James Powney, lead member for environment and neighbourhoods, told the Times the council would be reviewing the policy in August.

He added: “The majority of owners are very responsible and we would want to take that into account before rushing into a blanket ban.

“We do have a scheme in place called BARK (Brent Action for Responsible Canines) which works together with the police to ensure there is responsible dog ownership in the borough.”