Kingsbury student becomes a novelist at the age of 13

Aida Getachew in Kensal Green Cemetery (Pic Credit: Steve Foster)

Aida Getachew in Kensal Green Cemetery (Pic Credit: Steve Foster) - Credit: Archant

Aida Getachew has penned ‘The Secrets of Life’

Having a book published at any age is an achievement and a dream for many.

But for Kingsbury teenager Aida Getachew it was a dream realized, all before her 14th birthday.

The young student has seen her adventure creation The Secrets of Life published and available to buy on Amazon.

The book tells the story of a teenage girl who undergoes a mission to find and protect an enchanted scroll, entrusted to her by her ancestors.

Explaining her reasons for penning her debut novel, she said: “My Saturday school teacher asked me what I wanted to do when I was older and I told her I wanted to be an author. She told me that I better get started because it takes a long time to publish a book, so I started writing the following weekend.”

A year later the story was complete and was put up for sale on the online book store at the end of last year.

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The Kingsbury High School student added: “When I got the phone call [to say it was published], I didn’t believe it; I thought it was a prank. I was really excited, happy, I was going crazy.”

She added: “I might write another one, but I’ve got GCSEs coming up so I’m going to study for them first. I might write one in the summer. I might do a sequel to Secrets of Life.”

The Secrets of Life is available to purchase here: