Kingsbury man banned from Essex for offering underage girls �5 for sex

Court hears 32-year-old pursued two youngsters through Harlow town centre

A Kingsbury man who followed two young girls in Essex offering them cash for sex has banned from driving into the county alone for six months.

Musheer Kamram, 32, of Snowdon Drive in Campian Green, Kingsbury, pursued the 12 and 13-year-olds in Harlow town centre on February 20.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard he kept following them and made the lewd suggestion, adding he would give them �5 to get into his car.

The terrified girls fled to toilets, where they told a cleaner about Kamram’s approaches and the police were called.

He was arrested on March 10 wearing the same clothes as he had on the day he approached the girls.

He denied any wrong doing claiming he had been to Harlow a few times but hadn’t been there on that day.

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However, Kamram, who was living in Eagle Road, Wembley, at the time, was found guilty of two counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity during his trial in February.

At the time he was warned by Judge Christopher Ball that he could be jailed.

He told him: “Your conduct causes alarm bells to ring. You have gone some way away from your home area on more than one occasion for the possibility of encounters with either young girls or women for sexual purposes.”

But today (Tuesday), he was given a six month suspended jail sentence, banned from visiting towns in Essex by car unless accompanied by an adult and banned from unsupervised contact with a female aged under 16.

He was also ordered to pay �2,700 costs at the rate of �300 a month.

Kamram, who had previously been given a bind over for asking a female about her sex life, was told he had been given a last chance.

Judge Ball said: “Any suspicion arising out of acting in this way and you will have no second chance.”