Kingsbury couple banned from the home they shared with more than 50 feral cats

Christopher and Elizabeth Blore’s house was filled with so much rotting rubbish and faeces that a decomposed corpse of a cat lay under the pile

A man who tried to smear animal faeces in the face of a cleaner called in to clear up the filthy property he shared with more than 50 feral cats, has been banned from his home.

Christopher Blore’s house in Valley Drive, Kingsbury, was filled with so much rotting rubbish and faeces that a decomposed corpse of a cat lay under the pile.

The stench filling the air was so putrid that neighbours were forced to keep their windows closed on even the hottest days.

Following two years of visits and clean-up operations by environmental health officers, during which Blore hurled abuse at staff, he and his wife Elizabeth have been barred from entering their home for three months to allow the property to be cleared out a final time.

The couple, who own the property, have also been slapped with an Asbo banning them from having or feeding any cats in their home on their return until further notice.

Sergeant Liam Tierney from Fryent Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “It was only when taking statements from the neighbours that we realised what a devastating effect the Blores where having on their everyday lives.

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“I could appreciate at first hand the smell and whilst serving the order I have never come across a property so hazardous to health.”

Cllr Lincoln Beswick MBE, Brent’s lead member for crime prevention and public safety, said the council will endeavour to support the couple but will be pressing for them to pay back all the costs the town hall has incurred in the last two years.

He said: “Taxpayers should not foot the bill as this family have infringed on their neighbours’ rights, health and wellbeing.”

The cats were taken to the Mayhew Animal Home in Trenmar Gardens,

Kensal Green, where a

majority of them had to be put to sleep due to poor health.

Carly Webber, Mayhew’s animal welfare officer, told the Times the cleaners may discover more dead cats as the house was swarming with flies.

She added: “They were all in-bred, completely feral and suffering greatly from illnesses and flu. The filth that they were living in is unbelievable.”