Kilburn teachers to go on strike

Camden NUT are going on strike over cuts to children’s services

Teachers in Kilburn are going on strike next Wednesday (30) over cuts to children’s services.

Members of Camden’s National Union of Teachers (NUT) are walking out over council cuts to children’s services, including the decision to axe language and cognition support teachers.

A Camden NUT spokesman said: “It will close some schools in Kilburn, and we regret having to do this but we feel that the consequences of these will be worse for children, and that is what we are trying to protect.”

A camden Coucnil spokesman said: “To minimise impacts on pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, the Council will help ensure expertise is shared across schools. It will also increase levels of delegation of funding to schools for pupils with special educational needs to maximise resources available in schools and minimise the need for additional Council resources.

“Consultation with Camden head teachers and governors is ongoing and specific proposals will be subject to detailed consultation with schools and staff.”