Kilburn schoolboy pleads to Prime Minister to help save charity

Salusbury World faces closure unless it can raise �50k

A schoolboy whose life was transformed by a refugee charity threatened with closure has written to the Prime Minister urging him to back his campaign to save it.

Salusbury World, located in Salusbury Primary School in Salusbury Road, Queen’s Park, was set up 12 years ago to provide educational, social and emotional support for refugee children and their families.

But the organisation could fold at the end of August after many of the grants it relies on were cut. To survive it must raise �50,000.

Ali Ozlat, 15, has launched a petition to save the popular charity which has attracted 500 signatures, and has asked David Cameron to add his name to the fight to save it.

He said: “Salusbury World had a really big impact on me. I got so much support from them.

“When I came from Iran I didn’t know how to speak any English and they helped me.

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“It changed my life and I will do all I can to help save it for others.”

Ali Ozlat was just four when he moved with his parents from his home in Iran to Brent. He didn’t know anybody in the area, and didn’t speak any English.

He was given a place at Salusbury Primary School, in Salusbury Road, Queen’s Park, where he was introduced to staff at Salusbury World, who helped him speak English and get to know his new home.

More than a decade on and Ali, 15, is a thriving GCSE student at Queen’s Park Community School (QPCS), and it is he who is stepping in to help Salusbury World survive.

Sarah Reynolds, a project manager at Salusbury World, said: “Ali has always been a fantastic ambassador for us. We are trying very hard to survive, and hopefully with the help of Ali and families who have benefitted from the charity, we can raise the money.”

Mike Hulme, headteacher at QPCS, said: “In terms of community cohesion, Salusbury World has been vital. For families to have someone to turn to outside of school is so important.”

A Downing Street spokesman confirmed that Ali’s letter and petition had been received, but would not comment on the specifics of the case.