Kilburn’s Tricycle Theatre to perform for the Pentagon

The company will perform The Great Game, a series of short plays about Afghanistan’s history, to America’s top military brass

A small London theatre will perform for the most powerful military organisation in the world.

The Tricycle Theatre is decamping from its home in the Kilburn High Road to perform in Washington for the Pentagon.

Nicholas Kent, the theatre’s artistic director, said it was a ‘very high honour’ to have been invited to perform The Great Game, a day long series of plays about the history of Afghanistan.

He said: “One of the generals came along and saw it and said he thought it would be good if some of the troops came to see it.

“It is a very high honour and I am delighted at the invite.

“The American military are hungry for knowledge about Afghanistan, and the more they know the more helpful it is for American foreign policy.”

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The Great Game premiered at the theatre in 2009 and consists of three sets of four plays which explore Afghanistan’s history, and its roles in the geo political struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Mr Kent said that tackling such an important political topic through the medium of theatre helps people to better understand and empathise with Afghanis.

“The play looks at Afghanistan in some depth and gives people a huge amount of information about its history in an interesting and engaging way.

“It challenges the audience to think and empathise with Afghanistan’s history, and that is useful for soldiers who are doing what began as a peace keeping mission over there.”

The company will perform to an audience of America’s top military brass at the 800-seat Sidney Harman Hall on February 10 and 11.