Kilburn man used library computers to visit sex websites

The 54-year-old was spotted gawping at sex websites

A KILBURN man who logged on to a library computer and trawled the net for pornography has been placed on the sexual offenders register.

George Lee Lindo, 54, of Esmond Road, Kilburn, was spotted gawping at the sex websites on a computer in Kilburn Library by a disgusted member of the public.

An investigation launched by library chiefs identified Lindo as the perpetrator who was using the computer under the pseudonyms of Cleveland Williams and Manny Hamadi.

A surveillance operation was put in place and Lindo was nabbed when he logged on to the computer during his next visit.

He admitted three separate offences of the viewing and collection of indecent images and was ordered to sign the register and given a two-year supervision order by Brent Magistrates Court.

Under the terms of the order he is banned from using the Internet to access pornography, chat rooms or instant messaging, is barred from any job where he will come into contact with anyone aged under 16 and is not allowed to be left alone with any minors unless they are with their parent or guardian.

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Anyone wishing to use computers owned by Brent Council must now produce identification.