Kilburn man admits killing carer in row over a dog

Labourer is facing prison for manslaughter

A labourer is facing jail after he admitted killing a man after a row over a dog.

Daniel Dunn, 23, of Kilburn Park Road, Kilburn, struck 50-year-old John Murphy hard across the face during the fight inside a south London flat.

The Old Bailey heard Mr Murphy, known as Stephen to his family, had also received a ‘pummelling’ from Dunn’s friend Pat Walsh in a 10-second flurry of punches after he had switched the lights off.

The victim, who had been a carer for his disabled mother, died the following day in hospital.

Dunn had been due to go on trial for murder at the Old Bailey, but instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter which was accepted by the prosecution.

He will be sentenced tomorrow (Wednesday) by judge David Paget QC.

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The court heard Mr Murphy had been at his girlfriend Tracy White’s flat in Waterloo, on October 22 last year, when Dunn and Mr Walsh arrived and they all had a drink together.

But at some stage an argument broke out between Mr Walsh and Mr Murphy about a dog and then a second row erupted over Dunn’s father being a ‘grass’.

Both Mr Walsh and Dunn appeared to get up to leave, but instead the living room lights were switched off.

Prosecutor Philip Bennetts QC said: “Tracy White estimated the lights were off for about 10 seconds and during that time all she could hear was “thump, thump, thump”.

Mr Murphy died the next day from ‘extensive swelling and damage to the brain’ caused by blows to the head.

Dunn, who has previous convictions for assault and robbery, was arrested and later charged with murder.

Mr Walsh was not charged with any offence related to Mr Murphy’s death.