Kilburn band Model Society pledge to shake up the music scene

The indie / electro band cite The Smiths and The Clash as their biggest influences

A young indie/electro band has pledged to shake up the music scene with their ‘unique British sound’.

Model Society were founded a year and a half ago and comprises of Danny Clare, Stephen Kelly, Samuel Wilkinson, and Steve McCready.

Citing their biggest inspirations as The Clash and The Smiths, the Kilburn based band bring something distinctly modern to the table by blending guitar heavy rock with a lighter, synthier, electro sound. The combination resembles something closer to Bloc Party.

“We have a distinctly British sound. The London scene really inspires us, and our songs reflect what happens to us day to day”, says Danny Clare, who plays keyboard in the group.

“We look to capture some of the satire and irony of Britain, and in that respect, we see ourselves inheriting a music tradition which spans heroes of ours like The Smiths and The Clash.

“We are definitely not an American band.”

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This affinity for all things London permeates into their lyrics, which are inspired by the highs and lows of their lives in North West London, captured in the line ‘Generation of desperation / A sign of the Times’.

“The mood of the nation is quite pessimistic,” Guitarist Steve Kelly explains.

“Coming out of the recession, I think people had been quite down about their lives and what was happening, and we did try to capture this in our lyrics.

“But on the whole we are quite up tempo, and like to talk about the positives too.”

The group are well known across the North London gigging circuits and regularly play at the Kilburn’s Good Ship, which they describe as one of their favourite places to play.

While the band are unsigned, they are busy promoting themselves by offering free downloads and touring – and are waiting to hear about festival dates.

Model Society’s new single Follow you Dreams, is out now. For ore information visit or