Kenton Olympic torch bearer celebrates her 100th birthday

Diana Gould will be one of the oldest people to carry the iconic flame through London

A Kenton woman who will be one of the country’s oldest Olympic torch bearers has celebrated a special milestone.

Diana Gould celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by friends and family at her home in Draycott Avenue.

Mrs Gould, who will carry the iconic flame through the streets of Barnet on July 25, was presented with a special torch shaped cake and a congratulatory letter from the Queen to mark the celebration.

Speaking about the upcoming torch relay, she said: “I think it is such an honour to carry the torch.

“There have been so many changes since I was a child to London and also in the last few years with the Olympics coming.”

Mrs Gould, who was nominated by her granddaughter, was in her 30’s when the Olympics came to Wembley in 1948.

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However, where sport is concerned she has shown that age is no barrier.

She is a keen netball player and played table tennis until the ripe old age of 86.

In addition, she also runs a twice weekly fitness class for her friends and local residents in her flats.

She said: “We do the class twice a week and we are supposed to be just 10 until 10.30 but we normally go on until about 11 o clock.

“The whole thing about keeping young is a mindset. I have never felt old, I am not an old person. 100, all right it is a high number but I am not old, I don’t feel any different to when I was 50.”

She added: “I want everything to go off well for the Olympics. I am not going to run fast though, I think I’ll walk.”