Kensal Green residents plea for CCTV cameras to drive out prostitutes, drug dealers and human poo dumpers

Residents are fed-up with the behaviour on Avenue Road

Residents are fed-up with the behaviour on Avenue Road - Credit: Archant

Screaming prostitutes, drug dealers plying their trade and flytippers dumping human poo on the street have forced residents in Kensal Green to plea for CCTV cameras.

Locals claim Avenue Road, a very narrow street which acts as a cut through to Harlesden, is also being used as an escape for fleeing criminals in the last few years.

Charlie de Courcy and Jamie Glazebrook, from the Ranelagh and Honeywood Residents Association (RAHRA), made a heartfelt appeal to Brent Council asking for cameras as a major deterrent.

Mr de Courcy, who lives in Honeywood Road, said: “The Avenue has become frequented with drug abusers, prostitution, flytipping that is so heavy in the area that there’s broken glass, fridges, human faeces, vomit, awfulness where children are playing in our streets.

“People have just given up.”

“We invite you (the council) down to our road and see what you can do about the situation.”

Cllr Matt Kelcher, Labour councillor for Kensal Green, arranged for the residents to speak in front of the council after they successfully gathered a 50-signature petition.

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He said: “I’m on the side of local residents and following my election last year I prioritised two anti-social behaviour hot spots for CCTV in Kensal Green.

“I’m pleased to say that a permanent camera will be installed in Rucklidge Passage, and I am determined to work with the community to achieve a similar outcome for Avenue Road.

“I think that the strong community support for this campaign is demonstrated by the fact that campaigners have secured over 50 signatures from the residents of these two streets in just one week.”

Mr de Courcy added: “We feel a bit powerless to be honest. We have tried what we can but it seems both expensive for the council to clean up and unnecessary. There could be so many problems solved by having that one deterrent.”

Cllr James Denselow, Brent Council’s lead member for stronger communities, told the residents that he was happy to come down and listen to their concerns.

He added: “Officers have done analysis around Avenue Road, where currently there have only been seven police reports in the last 12 months and none to the council, which is unlikely to require static CCTV.

“However we do have mobile CCTV.”

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