Kensal Green residents call on Thames Water to fix three-year-old pipe leak

Despite hosepipe ban water continues to trickle down the Harrow Road

Residents are calling for a damaged water pipe in the south of the borough to finally be repaired now the hosepipe ban has been brought into effect.

Gallons of water have been wasted over the past three years following the burst pipe which is outside the Total Garage, in Harrow Road, Kensal Green.

But London is now officially in drought after two years of very low winter rainfall and as a result a number of water companies have announced a hosepipe ban to try and deal with the crisis. But the water is still leaking along Harrow Road.

Avril Mackintosh, from Kensal Triangle Residents’ Association, said: “There has been a leak at the Total Garage for nearly three years. It has been reported many times.

“In the winter it is very dangerous - the pavement to the Harrow Road becomes very icy as it freezes.

“A resident witnessed a scooter skid when leaving the garage right on to the Harrow Road due to this ice. It is also treacherous to walk on.

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“Now with the hosepipe ban, it is still leaking. Thames Water has to sort it out.”

Furious resident Jay Venn, another member of KTRA, said: “I’ve lost track how long this has been going on.

“It has been gushing down the Harrow Road for years. It is a real hazard especially when it is icy. Now with the hosepipe ban, we really can’t afford to let this water go to waste. It is very frustrating. The residents’ association has been trying to get to the bottom of it but it is time that Thames Water finally sorted it out.”

Thames Water fixes about 1,000 leaks a week reported to customers. It says it has stepped up its leak fixing activity in response to the drought. A spokeswoman from the company said: “There has been a history of issues in this area rather than one ongoing leak.

“We have been working to repair these as they happen and are working to get the repair fixed on the most recent section of pipe.”

“We continue to rely on our customers to be our eyes and ears on leaks to make sure we can get them all repaired as soon as we can.”