Jeweller comes to the aid of Wembley teen arrested ‘for wearing an expensive watch’

Daniel Davies with his mother Lurline Wright (Pic credit: Jan Nevill)

Daniel Davies with his mother Lurline Wright (Pic credit: Jan Nevill) - Credit: Archant

The jeweller who sold an expensive watch to a Wembley teenager which he claims resulted in him being arrested, beaten up and called a monkey has come to his defence.

Daniel Davies, of Ranelagh Road, said he was stopped and searched by five police officers before being held because he was wearing the Grandmaster watch timepiece last month.

He said: “They asked where I bought my watch from and I told them and offered to take them there to prove it, but they refused to listen and arrested us both.”

The jeweller, who did not want to be named, confirmed that the 16- year-old bought the watch at the shop she works in Harlesden for £87.50, after completing a series of payments over a month-long period.

She said: “When I read the story in the Times I was surprised. I have the exact date of when he bought a Grandmaster watch.

“I can confirm that he brought it on December 30, 2012.

“I had no issues with him whatsoever. He is a nice boy.”

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The college student, who has no criminal record, said he had bought the timepiece, which can cost up to £8,000, with money saved from his paper round and birthday presents.

He claims during his overnight in the cells at Wembley Police Station he was punched in the stomach and he heard a policeman use the racist slur against him before he was released with no charge.

Brent Police deny the claims saying he was restrained by officers after he became violent.

Supt Nick Davies said: “The allegation of name-calling is extremely serious and we would be happy to meet with the family to discuss it.

“At this stage no official complaint has been received. If one is, we will investigate it appropriately.”

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