Illegal dumpers strike outside Harlesden Police Station

Fly-tippers strike next door to Harlesden Police Station (Pic: Laurence Conneely)

Fly-tippers strike next door to Harlesden Police Station (Pic: Laurence Conneely) - Credit: Archant

We all know illegal dumpers have a disregard for the law but one cheeky fly-tipper showed utter contempt by targeting a spot today outside a police station.

The pile of unwanted household goods including a mattress and remnants of a chest of drawers were dumped on the pavement next to Harlesden Police Station in Craven Park.

The station’s front counters was closed in 2013 but the building is still believed to be used by officers.

Figures released in September last year showed the borough suffered the highest year-on-year increase in fly-tipping incidents in the country.

The number of illegal dumping on the borough’s streets between 2013/14 and 2014/15 surged by 84 per cent – the most recorded by a local authority in England.

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Last year the council rolled out an advertising campaign warning offenders they could be thrown in prison for up to five years or face a maximum fine of £50,000 for illegal dumping.

A spokesman for Brent Council said at the time that the increase was due to improvements in the way fly-tipping can be reported including a mobile app.

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