How I got back on the fitness wagon after falling off

Using a kettlebell helps you to lose weight and tone up (Pic: Angela Blake)

Using a kettlebell helps you to lose weight and tone up (Pic: Angela Blake) - Credit: Archant

I am currently standing in a corner sulking.

Lorraine with Adam Fernec (Pic: Angela Blake)

Lorraine with Adam Fernec (Pic: Angela Blake) - Credit: Archant

Why you might ask?

Because I have let myself down and more importantly I have let down Adam Fernec my personal trainer at Fit4Less Gym in Kilburn High Road.

Fitness4Less Gym is in Kilburn (Pic: Google)

Fitness4Less Gym is in Kilburn (Pic: Google) - Credit: Archant

I swore I wouldn’t be one of those January gym bunnies who fall off the wagon by February but I came crashing down at a great height suffering cuts and bruises as I bumped along.

Now I could just shrug my shoulders and pretend I never entered a gym in 2016 but I would be lying to myself (and everyone who has read my previous column).

So I’ve decided to get back on that wagon and hold on to it as tight as I do when I’m using a kettlebell.

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Because believe me if you let go of a kettlebell while you are training you’ll probably claim the lives of a couple of gym goers and ended up crippling a few along the way - damn that thing is heavy.

I have never used a kettlebell and thought it was one of the ‘fad things’ used by celebrities when they know the paparazzi are taking photographs of them training in the park.

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It was refreshing to know they are far from being a fad but a great way to lose weight and tone up.

So what’s the difference between a kettlebell and doing ‘normal’ weights you may ask?

Well I did when Adam first introduce them to me.

The difference is when using weights you have to be very controlled for obvious reasons but with a kettlebell as long as you hold on tight you can swing it around.

I love it.

Yes it’s heavy but I’m a heavy girl, so it can only be a good thing.

And another good thing is despite missing a few gym session I still managed to lose weight.

But I’m not going to be smug as I have quite a way to go………

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