How I coped in my first week of fitness and tried to dodge the dreaded DOMS

PUBLISHED: 16:15 15 January 2016 | UPDATED: 16:55 15 January 2016

Lorraine King with her personal trainer Adam Ferenc (pic: Jonathan Goldberg)

Lorraine King with her personal trainer Adam Ferenc (pic: Jonathan Goldberg)

Jonathan Goldberg

Brent, like many boroughs in London, has an obesity problem so the Times’ digital news editor Lorraine King has teamed up with Fit4less Gym in Kilburn to encourage more residents to become fitter and healthier.

Gym details

Adam Frenec is a personal trainer at Fit4less in Kilburn.

Based at 34a-36 Kilburn High Road next to Tesco, the gym offers membership at a low, affordable price.

How long does a week last I ask.

Yes I know its seven days but I need some sort of reassurance because, and I am brutally honest here, the first week of my fitness campaign has seemed a hell of a lot longer.

Anyone who thinks embracing a fitter lifestyle is a walk in the park needs to go for a walk in the park – at 5am when it’s pitch black with six inches of snow oh and you must wear stilettos with six inch heels.

Muscle Ease Oil has been produced by Harlesden aromatherapist Claudette EspritMuscle Ease Oil has been produced by Harlesden aromatherapist Claudette Esprit

See not so easy is it?

My very first session with Adam Frenec at Fit4less in Kilburn seemed ok. I realised I had pushed myself harder than I can recall doing in years but isn’t that the reason why people have a personal trainer.

I started off doing 10 minutes on the cross trainer – no problem although by the time I had finished you’d have thought I’d gone for a swim.

Adam’s advice


• Schedule your training

• Always warm up.

• Mix cardio with resistance training

• Stretch after training

• Challenge yourself by making every session count


• Stay hydrated

• Eat regularly

• Control portion size

• Limit your intake of alcohol and sugary/fizzy drinks

• Listen to your body

BUT that was just my warm-up!

In my world a warm-up is walking around the block with barely losing a bead of perspiration so this was a pleasant surprise.

I then did five separate circuit training exercises using weights, a medicine ball and a very heavy rope.

Fit4Less is located at  34a-36 Kilburn High Road (Pic: Google)Fit4Less is located at 34a-36 Kilburn High Road (Pic: Google)

It was interesting and intriguing.

By the end of the session, which culminated with a 10 minute warm down on a treadmill and mandatory stretches, I felt smug – I did it. I did my first session and didn’t meet my maker.

However the next day the dreaded DOMS arrived.

What are DOMS you ask?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness which in a nutshell occurs when you finally do some form of exercise that takes your body out of its ‘comfort zone’.

Walking wasn’t too bad but when I walked down any form of stairs the pain was akin to being bare-foot and landing on a bed of glass with every step.

Some of the pain was greatly eased thanks to Harlesden aromatherapist Claudette Esprit who is the brainchild of Doms Ease Oil.

There are two varieties: Massage Muscle Ease Oil or Sports Ease Oil which can be massaged into your skin immediately after bathing or showering.

It made a difference but as there is no out and out cure for DOMS just make sure you warm up before exercising and stretch when you have finished.

I was dreading my second session but to my relief my body seemed to cope with it and I actually made it up the stairs (They are pretty steep) at Kilburn train station without stopping half-way.

I did gasp for air once I got to the top though.

Oh well maybe I’ll be able to fly up those stairs like Usain Bolt by the end of week two.

It looks like fitness is truly beginning to become my friend but for how long….

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