Hospital’s first miracle found after 40 years

Premature Patrice was just 1lb 5oz at birth

�Northwick Park Hospital’s maternity unit has emerged from the shadow of a turbulent past to celebrate its 40th anniversary by tracking down the first baby ever to be born there.

Miracle baby Patrice Kisner had to be delivered by caesarean section when she was born premature and dramatically underweight on September 11, 1971.

At 1lbs 5oz, Mrs Kisner spent one month in intensive care, but eventually pulled through and went on to have her very own miracle child.


Mrs Kisner, who now lives in Denver with her husband and three children, said: “My daughter Kelsey is my miracle baby, as I was told by doctors that I would probably not be able to have any children.

“My husband and I went on to adopt two boys, Christopher and Matthew, after fostering for many years.

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“I was a receptionist before I had my children. But my real passion is being a foster mum and giving love to children who need it.”

Mrs Kisner was also on hand to mark the unit’s 21st anniversary and was asked to a special dinner with Princess Margaret to celebrate the landmark.

But despite the celebrations, the unit has faced its own crisis over the years.

Between 2002 and 2005, 10 mothers died after giving birth in the unit and the department was placed in special measures, which lasted until September 2006.

Fiona Wise, chief executive of The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust which manages the unit, said: “I am delighted that Patrice got in touch with us again to let us know how she is getting on.

“A lot has changed in maternity services in the past 40 years, but it’s important to focus on the fact that thousands of babies come into the world every year with the help of midwives and other staff at Northwick Park and go on to live happy, successful lives just like Patrice.”