Hoops and dreams: QPR must guard against complacency

London24 QPR blogger Adam Boxer wonders whether the tour to the south west was in the best interests of the team

Pre-season is now well and truly in full flow and Rangers have started to flex their Premier League muscle against the minnows of the West Country.

Some impressive performances and results to mirror last season’s endeavours certainly have the squad buoyed but to what extent will this be reflected in the upcoming season?

It is suggested that the prelude to the campaign is more about fitness levels than results or performances, while others maintain that a winning mentality can help bolster a squad’s confidence.

Commanding victories over Tavistock (13-0) and Bodmin Town (7-0) has certainly helped maintain and garner a fervent team spirit, judging by comments emanating from the club and social networking sites.

Regardless of the opposition, however welcoming their hospitality and intentions, they can never truly prepare a newly crowned Premier League side for the test that awaits them.

Bolton Wanderers, Everton and Wigan Athletic will provide QPR with their opening clashes in the top flight, but other than fitness levels and confidence it is difficult to visualise the transferable positives from the trouncing of non-league clubs.

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If similar results ensue against Braga/Atalanta and Cesena then Bolton will certainly receive a stern test on the opening day, but while confidence is high the squad will need to guard against complacency to avoid early disappointment in mid-August.

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