Hoops and Dreams: Finally proud to be a QPR fan again

Rs blogger Sandy Lerman is looking forward to a brighter future

It is difficult to write about my beloved QPR, since the focus has, over the past few months since we won promotion, been on events – or lack of them – in the boardroom.

In respect of the squad, the summer was terribly disappointing, as we endured more disconcerting board shenanigans.

The lowlight was an ill-advised statement from the board in which Neil Warnock was publicly reprimanded for speaking out-of-turn.

Why didn’t Neil resign over that (as seemed to be the latent motive of the board in issuing that statement)? He knew about Fernandes’ takeover and the return of Amit Bhatia and that the future of our club would, by this very action, be assured – and his along with it!

Message-boards went into overdrive as we salivated at the thought of the departure of two men who, although initially welcomed as our club’s saviours, quickly became the “Wicked Witches” as their actions and inactions tore through all aspects of QPR like Hurricane Irene!

But what will Tony Fernandes bring to the club? He understands the needs of a Premier League team because he watches and enjoys the Premier League.

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He knows that we need to “speculate” to “accumulate” and I, like you I am sure, have been very excited by the first few signings of the Fernandes era.

Fernandes has restored Bhatia, who is passionate about QPR, to his rightful position; and has opened a very public dialogue with us fans – on Twitter!

Whether our badge is changed, Jude is restored and the ghastly mango away shirts are ditched is, quite frankly, irrelevant. Because, more importantly, Fernandes is restoring our pride in being QPR fans.

It has been embarrassing, even humiliating at times, being associated with QPR but I do not think other fans will be laughing at us now!

I am excited about our future at last, whatever form it may take, because I know now we do have one! And maybe we can, finally, turn our thoughts to matters on the pitch not in the boardroom.