High Commissioner for Jamaica treats borough’s students to inspirational talk

Figurehead visited the Roundwood Youth Centre in Harlesden on Wednesday

Young people at one of the borough’s newly opened youth centres have been treated to a special visitor from a senior Jamaican figurehead this week.

The High Commissioner for Jamaica, paid a visit to the Roundwood Youth Centre in Harlesden to talk to young people about issues that affect their lives.

Her Excellency, Aloun Ndombet-Assamba, visited the centre in Longstone Avenue, to talk to young people of Jamaican heritage about their roots and also discussed how to strengthen bonds between Jamaica and the borough’s youngsters.

Brent has the largest Jamaican community in the UK with the Harlesden area being traditionally popular with Jamaican families.

The High Commissioner also advised young people about the importance of education, working hard and the benefits of taking-up a profession as well as the rewards of running your own business and being an entrepreneur.

Cllr, Zaffar Van Kalwala, a Labour councillor for the nearby Stonebridge ward, who organised the visit, on Wednesday, November 28, said it was an honour to welcome her to the club.

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He said: “The Jamaican diaspora is one of the oldest and most treasured communities in the borough and I hope we will continue to strengthen Brent’s long lasting relations and friendship with the people of Jamaica.”

Assamba was appointed High Commissioner for Jamaica in London in May 2012.