Heartless thieves steal disabled man’s mobility scooter in Kilburn

Jay Adewale on his new TGA Vita Midi mobility scooter

Jay Adewale on his new TGA Vita Midi mobility scooter - Credit: Archant

A disabled man from Kilburn has been forced to fork out thousands to replace his mobility scooter after it was stolen by thieves.

Jay Adewale, who lives in Gascony Avenue, was horrified when he discovered the mobility scooter he relied on was stolen from the hallway in his block.

The 45-year-old, who has a neurological disability that results in his muscles becoming weaker over time, said: “I hated the scooter when I got it, it was ugly, but I needed to get around instead of using a wheelchair where you rely on people to push you.

“I couldn’t believe it when my scooter was stolen.

“I went with my fiancé Irena and brother to Wembley just for a couple of hours to find a restaurant where we could celebrate my mum’s 80th birthday..

“I left the scooter at home and used my crutches as I knew I wouldn’t be walking very far.

“When we got back within two hours and my fiancé said ‘your scooter has gone’ I thought she was joking.

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“But it had really gone.”

Mr Adewale’s insurance company refused to pay for a new one because it was stolen from a communal area forcing him to borrow £3,000 for a replacement.

He said: “I had to borrow money from my mum and cousin and Irena because it didn’t come cheap.”

“My new scooter is phenomenal, the Ferrari world of mobility scooters, very sporty looking, totally A class.

“I have to pay the money back now but I’m free, I got my legs back. It’s an expensive pair of legs but definitely worth it. And yes, I know to lock it up now.”

Issuing a message to the thief, he added: “When you take a scooter from someone with limited movements, you take their legs off them and they can’t do things themselves.”

A police spokesman confirmed they were aware of the theft.

He added: “No suspect descriptions and no CCTV were available. All lines of enquiry were exhausted and no suspects were identified so the investigation concluded. “However should any new information come to light it will be investigated.”