Willesden doctors surgery may close forcing 10,000 patients to hunt for new GP

There are no formal plans to close medical centre but it is being ‘considered’

A doctors surgery in Willesden may have to move – affecting up to 10,000 patients.

At the moment there are no formal plans to move Willesden Medical Centre, in High Road, to Willesden Hospital in Harlesden Road, Harlesden, but NHS Brent said it is being considered.

A spokesman said: “If and when there are formal plans, we will consult with patients regarding them.”

But Sarah Cox, from campaign group Brent Fightback, said it was worrying.

She said: “This is the first I have heard but it is concerning. Ten thousand people is a big number. I can’t think why it would close. It is central and reasonably modern.

“Closing it could leave a lot of people without access to health care and over burden other practices.”

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Patient Bridget Whelan, 53, from Willesden, said a petition has been started to save the centre.

She said: “It is ridiculous. Willesden Hospital is that bit further away for patients and over a hill. I’m also worried that the building could be sold off for more development along Willesden High Road.”

Last year 25,000 people were removed from GP lists.

NHS Brent carried out the cull during the summer of 2011 because it said it cannot afford to pay doctors to look after patients who have moved out of the area, changed GP or died.