Brent weekend clinics tackle pandemic delays and winter pressures

Cllr Ketan Sheth, Dr Chi Chung and other Mapesbury Medical Group staff

Cllr Ketan Sheth, Dr Chi Chung and other Mapesbury Medical Group staff - Credit: Mapesbury Medical Group

Weekend GP clinics have opened in Brent to support residents in accessing health services following winter pressures and delays caused by the pandemic. 

Brent GPs have set up the additional weekend pilots to increase access to GP surgery appointments.

They have been available across Brent on Saturdays and some Sundays this March. 

The pilot clinics were set up in response to a downturn in people visiting their GPs, and in particular, reductions in the uptake of child immunisation and cancer screenings. 

Dr Chi Chung, Mapesbury Medical Group GP partner and clinical director at Kilburn Primary Care Network, said: "The clinics were set up to relieve the backlog resulting from covid pressures. 

"I would like to pay credit to hardworking staff not just in my own clinic but across all the other GP practices in Brent."

The Brent GP said everyone is welcome to attend the clinics, but he added: "In particular, busy working parents whose children might need to catch up on their immunisations, women needing cervical screenings and people with long term health conditions."

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Cllr Ketan Sheth, Chair of North West London Joint Health Committee said: "Covid has had a devastating impact on many local residents and communities in Brent - and these weekend clinics are part of a positive move to listen and respond to resident concerns.
"My thanks to staff for volunteering their valuable time for the weekend openings so that busy working people can attend, as resident well-being is a priority for my committee.

Cllr Sheth says he is looking forward to working with health teams and other partners on more projects that will improve services and "help make life better for residents".

The clinics are all pre-bookable for residents via their local GP practice, who can signpost them to their local weekend clinic.

Healthwatch is independently assessing all of the weekend clinics and will be reporting on their findings in April.