Three-year-old boy desperately needs a stem cell donor from Brent’s Asian community

Veer Gudhka needs a stem cell donor. Picture: Nirav Gudhka

Veer Gudhka needs a stem cell donor. Picture: Nirav Gudhka - Credit: Archant

The family of a “cheeky” three-year-old boy with a rare genetic disorder are appealing to the Asian community in Brent to help rescue their son.

Veer Gudhka, an Indian Gujarati child who lives in Harrow, requires a stem cell transplant after being diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia, a life-changing illness.

The youngster, whose name means 'brave', was diagnosed in August "by chance", after a period of being very lethargic in December 2018.

This led to the discovery that he had low blood platelets.

"The news came to us as a big shock. We were distraught" said his father, Nirav Gudhka.

South Asians like Veer currently only have a 20pc chance of finding a good match.

Nirav added: "Veer is a cheeky boy, for sure! He creates strong bonds with everyone he interacts with, young and old. He'll chat to anybody! He is an adventurous and energetic three year old, and will try his

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hand at anything.

"He's been a real soldier through his numerous blood tests and other procedures. He definitely lives up to the meaning of his name".

Veer remains 'under-observation' by Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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