Queen’s Park schoolboy hopes to raise £500,000 for vital cancer treatment in Singapore

A Queen’s Park school boy hopes to raise £500,000 so he can access vital treatment in Singapore to cure his cancer.

Kiran Talluri has dreams of becoming a games developer and enjoying his adult life but his Leukemia returned this month.

The only chance this 16-year-old has is a trial at the University Hospital in Singapore (NUS) which is one of only three hospitals in the world where the revolutionary CAR T-Cell therapy is available.

A Go fund me page raised £196,000 in 24 hours but £300,000 more is needed to access the treatment in December.

The Queen’s Park Community School pupil, who lives in Kilburn, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Leukaemia (T-ALL) in January when he was 15.

Despite undergoing intense treatment in the last nine months, including a bone marrow transplant from his nine-year old sister on September 4, he was told by his doctors on November 6 that the cancer has come back, even more aggressively this time, and there is now nothing else they can do for him.

“I have gone through lots of complications and some of my organs have been damaged but there has always been a relatively good and speedy recovery,” he said. “I have been doing my best to recover from every step, physically and emotionally, but unfortunately the relapse of my cancer wasn’t something that was in our hands.

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“Last Wednesday I noticed my eye twitching and I knew something was going wrong: the leukaemia had come back, only two months after my bone marrow transplant.”

Kiran, who was born in Spain, added: “I would like to go back to my ordinary teenage life, to carry on with my A-Levels, to go back to my volleyball, to travel back home to Mallorca and Montoliu, to study Computer Science at Uni, but also to simply enjoy life along with my beloved ones; my three sisters, my mum and dad and all my relatives and friends.”

The youngster is also philosophical adding: “We are still not sure about long term side effects. But, even if it doesn’t go well, I am still optimistic because I know I will be contributing to science and hopefully this treatment will help cure other patients with T-ALL in the future.”

His mum Cristina said they are “all devastated”. “I cannot speak. No words can ever explain what my son Kiran has gone through or could express his sorrow, his pain, his fear during all these months.

“Watching my 16-year old-boy listening to what the doctors had to say the other day was unimaginable, unbearable.

“Hearing from his medical team that there are no more chances, no future,” she added.

She said her son is “kind and peaceful”. “He is truly respectful; not just a polite child with good manners, but deeply respectful of all the living beings that surround him.

“He is the least spoiled child I have ever met, and he has never been interested in owning things – with the exception of his Play Station!”

She added: “Please could you donate whatever you feel you can to give Kiran a chance.

“This in turn will help the doctors to learn and help other children who may have this cancer in the future.”

Visit: gofundme.com/f/a-chance-for-kiran