Queen’s Park mum completes Vitality 10,000 race despite ongoing cancer treatments

A mum of two smashed a 10km fundraising run for a primary school in Queen’s Park despite undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Natalie Hall, who lives in Kelsake Road, was given a cancer diagnosis in February after signing up to the Vitality 10,000 race, which took place on Monday.

The 43-year-old was team captain of a group of staff and parents from Princess Frederica Primary School, in College Road, Kensal Green, where her daughters Evie and Grace are pupils.

After undergoing three rounds of chemotherapy, and shaving her hair "which was falling out in clumps", she participated in the school's Freddy, Steady, Go Fredstival.

They have been raising vital money in aid of mental health support for children, which has so far raised £7,000 of a £10,000 target.

Natalie, a member of running group Queen's Park Harriers, said: "We did it! We all completed it and I got my medal!

"My first aim was to make it there even if I was just a supporter. Once I knew I was feeling OK to run I cheekily decided I'd quite like to do it under one hour. It was pretty hard work on my chest - I was finding it harder to breathe than usual. But I did it comfortably in 57.29."

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She added: "I loved it - I was really able to embrace the crowd and the atmosphere more than usual because I was just so happy to be able to run. Very different from usual, when I'm head down trying to get a particular time or personal best!"

A dance teacher and founder of The Fireflies Dance School in Queen's Park, Natalie said of her treatment: "It's harder mentally than physically. They put you on steroids and you go down a bit. It makes you go into a dark place for a few days and then you come out again - it's a bit scary."

She said her daughters Evie, nine, and Gracie, six, have been hugely supportive: "They have been gorgeous, telling me I'm beautiful all the time. I put a wig on but they said they liked me without it."

She added: "We have raised over £7,000 plus gift aid and it is still rising. It's all to support the mental health and well being at Princess Frederica Primary School while we improve ours running!"

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