One in four children age 12 in Brent are obese

One in four children aged 12 in Brent are obese (stock photo)

One in four children aged 12 in Brent are obese (stock photo) - Credit: Getty Images

One in four of 12 year-olds living in Brent are obese.

Shocking figures released by Brent’s Health and Wellbeing Board also shows the gap between the life expectancy of men living in the most deprived and most affluent parts of the borough is almost nine years.

The board have agreed proposals in a bid to tackle these kinds of health inequalities.

Their research highlighted even more key issues including poor oral health amongst children, lack of physical activity among adults and high levels of many long-term chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Cllr Ruth Moher, chairwoman of the board, acknowledged that changing these statistics are not going to be easy but claims the board is committed to their goal.

She added: “Improving the health and wellbeing of local people and addressing the shocking gap between our wealthiest and poorest residents is one of the most important things the council and our partners can do.”

The health board has agreed on a 27 steps the strategy outlines to improve public health, including raising awareness of these issues and promoting healthy eating.

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“I am delighted we have agreed this strategy, which provides us with a roadmap to a healthier and less unequal borough,” she said.