Covid-19: Omicron cases explode in Brent over last week

Omicron cases exploding in Brent

The number of Omicron cases has exploded in Brent over the last week, the latest figures from the The UK Health Security Agency has confirmed - Credit: PA Images

The number of Omicron cases in Brent has exploded over the last week.

Figures published by the UK Health Security Agency today - Friday, December 17 - indicate that there were 174 confirmed cases of Omicron in Brent (as of December 13).

This is a sizeable increase from the 13 confirmed cases recorded on December 6.

On top of the 174 positive tests, an additional 316 cases have been sent for further testing.

The release of these figures coincides with the publication of fresh research which reveals Brent currently has an R number of 1.55.

Published yesterday - Thursday - by the University of East Anglia, this finding means every person in Brent who has Covid-19 is likely to infect a further 1.55 people.

To combat the spread of Omicron, the government has launched a vaccine booster drive in recent days to better protect people.

According to the latest figures, a total of 533,620 vaccinations have been administered in Brent - as of Thursday (December 16).

Of these, 87,265 have been booster jabs - 23.2 per cent of the eligible population aged 12 and over.