Occupational therapist from Kilburn ‘sent abusive messages to her colleagues’

Jane Alston is accused of sending abusive messages to her colleagues (Pic credit: Twitter)

Jane Alston is accused of sending abusive messages to her colleagues (Pic credit: Twitter) - Credit: Archant

An occupational therapist from Kilburn who claims she has written songs for the Dalai Lama has been accused of sending abusive messages to her colleagues.

Jane Alston allegedly started bombarding four co-workers with rude emails in October 2013 and continued for months, the Health Care & Professions Council heard.

Alston, who claims to be a singer/songwriter, is said to have bragged about singing for the Dalai Lama as part of his visit to the UK in 2012, during a stream of abuse directed at a colleague.

In another message Alston said: “Just so you understand clearly cos I know your not too bright, i have whistle blown on you two as high as it goes (SIC),’ she wrote in one email.

“And you know the kind of high brow people I hang with. Like the dalai Lama. Merry bloody x mass fatsos.’

Otherwise you would know hostility in a physical sense...You need to grow up and stop being a spoilt bloody brat if you no longer have my book you can send your poor slave out to get another one.’

“Kama (SIC) is a relentless b*tch. You should get on well.”

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On Christmas Day in 2013 she is claimed to have said: “If you put your fat ass in an electric chair you could actual do some work.”

In another message it is claimed she wrote: ‘Go f**k yourself, cos your boyfriend doesnt want to, for obvious reasons’.

She also faces a series of allegations, including using a patient’s computer for personal use and showing another colleague inappropriate photographs on her mobile phone.

The tribunal will formally determine if the charges are proved before ruling on whether Alston’s fitness to practise is impaired.

Most of the hearing was held in private before adjourning to another date.