Nurse accused of having a relationship with his patient

Claims made against Ronald Katabarwa when he worked in the Coombes Wood Mother and Baby unit

A nurse accused of having a relationship with a vulnerable patient at a mother and baby home where he worked is facing a misconduct hearing today (Tuesday).

The Nursing and Midwifery Council will investigate whether Ronald Katabarwa is fit to practice following a catalogue of allegations against him.

Mr Katabarwa is accused of having a relationship with the mother after she was admitted to the Coombe Wood Mother and Baby unit which is based next to Central Middlesex Hospital.

The unit, which cares for mothers with mental health problems, is run by the Central and North West London mental health trust.

Between August 13, 2009, when the mother was admitted into the ward, and September 11, 2009, Katabarwa is accused of failing to tell his manager he had met her before she became a patient.

He is also claimed to have told the patient he was single with an ex-wife who lived in Germany and advised her to save her money to fund a holiday for them both.

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Between September 5, 2009, and October 30, 2009, Katabarwa allegedly entered into an ‘inappropriate personal relationship’, which was sexually motivated, with the patient which involved him calling and texting her.

He is also claimed to have visited her home and looked after her son.

The GMC will also look into claims he kept confidential patient information on his personal mobile phone which was accessed by a third party.

If any of the claims are proven he will face disciplinary action which could result in a suspension or being struck off the nursing register.