Northwick Park hospital hails success of home-care scheme for stroke patients

Stroke patient Mr Domenico Frangiosa says he is grateful for the chance to start his rehabilitation

Stroke patient Mr Domenico Frangiosa says he is grateful for the chance to start his rehabilitation at home - Credit: Archant

Stroke patients at Northwick Park Hospital marked World Stroke Day last Thursday by reflecting on the success of a new service allowing them to leave hospital earlier and recover in the comfort of their own homes.

The hospital’s top-rated stroke unit launched its Early Supported Discharge pilot scheme last month in a bid to allow patients who are clinically well enough to recover and receive rehabilitation therapy in familiar surroundings and in the company of their family and friends.

Before the programme was introduced patients would spend an average of 17 days in hospital after suffering a stroke, with the majority of this time being used for rehabilitation.

The scheme led by Brent Clinical Commissioning Group, will be available to stroke sufferers in Brent.

The programme is part of a wider move towards patients receiving care in the community to free up pressure on over-subscribed hospital beds.

Domenico Frangiosa, who became one of the first patients to receive in-home rehabilitation after suffering a stroke on September 5 this year said: “I spent five days in hospital following my stroke and was pleased when staff said I could go home.

“At first I was nervous about how I was going to be able to manage, but with the help of my wife and the therapists that visited me, it didn’t take long before I was able to do things for myself again.”

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Mr Frangiosa, whose vision and ability to read has been affected by his condition, has been receiving visits from a physiotherapist and support staff from the hospital who have accompanied him on short walks in the street and to the shops to help him with very day tasks.

Dr David Cohen, Stroke Consultant, said: “This new service is about giving patients the right care in the right setting. One of the main complaints we receive from stroke patients is that they receive extensive rehabilitation in hospital and then when they return home, their own environment is very different to the one they have been learning in.

“By bringing rehabilitation into the home, patients can learn in their own environment, with dedicated support and the opportunity to ask all the questions they need. It also means that families can be more involved in their care.”

The stroke unit at Northwick Park Hospital received ‘A’ ratings in all categories of care in its last inspection, making it the best stroke unit in England and Wales.