NHS slammed for refusing to fund care for mentally ill teenager from Wembley

Zen Khan before he developed mental health issues

Zen Khan before he developed mental health issues - Credit: Archant

The NHS has been slammed for refusing to fund specialist care for a Wembley man with learning difficulties and mental health issues that his family says he needs.

Family of carers L-R Waqas Ahmed,
Ishrat Shaheen,
Sahib Khan,
Nishasat Khan
,Anese Khan,
Maria Mah

Family of carers L-R Waqas Ahmed, Ishrat Shaheen, Sahib Khan, Nishasat Khan ,Anese Khan, Maria Mahmood fighting for brother Zen. Pic credit Adam Tiernan Thomas - Credit: Archant

Zen Khan, of Corringham Road, who has the mental age of a 10-year-old, is currently in the Shore Ward at Park Royal Mental Health Centre since his behaviour changed after he suffered acute abdominal pains.

Doctors applied for the 18-year-old, who suffers from global development delay, to be transferred to the more suitable Kingswood Centre in Honeypot Lane, Kingsbury, but health chiefs have said no.

Kingswood Centre is a specialist home for people with both learning difficulties and mental health illnesses while Shore Ward is for patients with the latter.

Waqas Ahmed, his older brother, told the Times after Zen was admitted to the Shore Ward on May 27 they initially took him home after safety concerns were raised but have since returned him back there.

He said: “The doctor and ward manager both stated that the ward was not in his best interest as they couldn’t guarantee his safety.

“As soon as the word safety was mentioned we felt that that we had no option but to take Zen home.

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“Only now the NHS are saying he is not a crisis case for Kingswood Centre and have taken away the funding.”

Mr Ahmed said after Zen’s behaviour altered ‘he switched’ and subsequent neurological tests have returned inconclusive.

He added: “No more test have been ordered but he has the brain of 10 year-old and can’t communicate what is wrong with him.

“Kingswood is the best place for him.

“I get the sense the NHS want something really bad to happen before they’ll do something on their end.”

A spokesman for Central and North West London NHS Trust Foundation (CNWL), said: “This family have clearly had a very hard time, something we are sorry about.

“We will make another referral for funding if we think it is clinically required. At this time he seems to be settling on the ward.

Shore Ward is more than capable of looking after him and detailed plans for his continuing support, including a specialist psychiatrist and a care coordinator, have been made.

“If his condition changes he can be referred again to Kingswood speedily. We will keep closely in touch with the family.”

A spokesman for Brent Clinical Commissioning Group, which refused the funding, said: “We are concerned to hear what happened here and we are looking into the circumstances of this case.

“Our local mental health trust CNWL is clear that Shore Ward provides a good and appropriate level of care.

“Any decision to approve a referral is made on the basis of clinical need and we will work with CNWL as they support the family over whether a referral to Kingswood Ward is appropriate.”