Mother claims Northwick Park Hospital sent her 11-year-old daughter home in the middle of the night

Eleven-year-old was allegedly told she would be thrown out by security if she didn’t leave

An 11-year-old girl was told to make her own way home in the middle of the night by a member of staff at Northwick Park Hospital, her mother has claimed.

Deborah O’Mahoney, 42, was taken to hospital by ambulance last Saturday with a suspected cracked bone in her foot.

But the mother-of-five says she was subjected to a catalogue or errors which she wants to warn other patients about.

She claims:

*She was rudely shouted at by a consultant who refused to give her his name

*Discriminated against because of her weight

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*There were used needles and splatters of blood on the floor and curtain surrounding her bed

*She was told she would have to wait until the morning for transport but her daughter would have to make her own way home

*Security would be called if her daughter didn’t leave

*Her daughter had to call a cab

Speaking to the Times, Miss O’Mahoney, who is registered disabled, said: “It has really upset me. I dislike hospitals anyway but this has completely put me off.

“What if this had happened to an elderly or disabled person? It is not right.

“I felt discriminated against and my daughter was really scared.”

Miss O’Mahoney’s daughter Rebecca took photos of the blood splattered walls and floors as well as the needles which were forwarded to the Times.

A Northwick Park spokesman said: “We are saddened that the patient has not already contacted us to tell us what happened.

“We will now be contacting the patient so that we can deal with her complaint properly, as it has not been made directly to us at this stage.

“There are a number of areas in which our detailed notes do not tally with the patient’s recollections and we are happy to discuss them with her.

“However, we are sorry that there was a blood spatter by the sharps disposal bin, which was identified on a routine check the following morning.

“The wall was cleaned and the bin and paper curtains were disposed of correctly.

“If this had been brought to the attention of staff earlier, our rapid response team could have dealt with it straight away. We regret that this did not happen until the morning check.

“Finally, although we have not yet been able to confirm the facts, there is absolutely no excuse for needles to be on the floor, and all staff will be spoken to about this at the twice-daily handovers in the department.”