Mother's plea as mentally ill daughter repeatedly discharged from hospitals

Domestic violence down in Brent

Domestic violence down in Brent - Credit: Archant

The mother of a mentally ill woman has described her daughter's treatment as "disgusting" after she was repeatedly discharged from hospitals in the last two months.

The mother, Mary*, is "worried sick" about her 20-year-old daughter Anne*, who she said suffers from schizophrenia and hears voices.

She said Anne self-referred to Northwick Park Hospital in mid-April "because she knew she wasn't well". She said Anne was sectioned for 28 days at the Pond Ward at Park Royal Mental Health Centre, only to be discharged into hotels.

"All I want is for her to stay in hospital and be treated properly," Mary said.

"I'm disgusted by the way she is being treated. My daughter has been discharged from hospitals 49 times. She was sectioned at Pond Ward for 28 days then discharged the next day and into a hotel in Victoria."

Two years ago Anne was referred to a mental health facility in Bradford for seven months, before returning to Wembley.

But in the last two months the young woman has been going from hospital to hotel and back again.

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Mary, who is registered disabled and currently staying in a nursing centre, said her daughter was again placed in a hotel in Wembley on May 26.

However, Mary said Anne was later found unconscious in a high street bank in South Kensington and an ambulance was called.

"She spent the whole night out on the street," said Mary. "I'm seriously worried about her because she will just go missing and the police will go out looking for her. She won't be taking her medication, she's just very confused.

"She's been to Pond Ward 11 or 12 times, they'll just release her again. She's not well.

"What are they waiting for? Something really bad to happen? I'm constantly worrying about her. I'm not sleeping. Why won't these people help her?"

A spokesperson for Central and North West London NHS Trust, said: “This is an extremely stressful situation and we truly feel for [Mary] whose worry is very clear and understandable.

"Whilst we cannot comment without full consent, we have care plans about the best way to prevent their distress escalating, which needs NHS and community support and not always hospital care.

"We  will keep working with them.”

*Names have been changed.