Coronavirus: Kingsbury woman’s poem appears in Poems for a Pandemic with all proceeds to NHS

Aditi Patel's poem is published in Poems of a Pandemic with all proceeds to NHS

Aditi Patel's poem is published in Poems of a Pandemic with all proceeds to NHS - Credit: Archant

A Kingsbury woman’s poem about coronavirus has been included in an anthology where all proceeds are going to the NHS.

Aditi Patel, a freelance child protection development advisor living in Salmon Street, has penned To Those Who Never Saw, a reflection of her time in specialist education.

Her work is one of 90 poems which appears in ‘Poems for a Pandemic’, an anthology written by key workers regarding their views, feelings and perspectives about Covid-19.

Published by Harper Collins, all profits of the book are going to NHS Charities Together.

Aditi, 38, said she was drawn to the challenge after seeing an art director’s post on Instagram and wanted to share her experience as a safeguarding lead. “I have been writing since I was eight years old, I had my head in a book most of my childhood,” she said.

“I never really had the courage to share my writing or follow my dream to be a writer, but this opportunity called out to me.

“I have met the most incredible and resilient young people through my career and this poem is very much in honour of them and their families.

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“Vulnerable young people rarely have an opportunity to utilise their voices due to consistent challenges and adversities they face everyday.”

Born and raised in Brent, the former Kingsbury High School pupil moved to Islington where she worked in a pupil referral unit until going freelance.

She returned to Kingsbury in April. “Unfortunately due to Covid-19 I lost my income as a self employed person in March 2020. I focused on my writing instead and am currently reflecting on my next steps,”

She added: “It is my first time being published so I am very happy and excited, not to mention grateful. I thank God daily for my blessings.

“My aim through my writing is to help unite our communities. Many of the systems in the UK & the world, have created huge separation between people and I hope that by seeing through another’s eyes we can be more compassionate & loving towards one another and in turn create systems that serve the highest good of all not just a few.”

The book launches tomorrow (June 18) and is currently available as an E-Book.

Follow Aditi on Twitter: aditipatel_38.