Is Brent Council planning to close one day care centre and privatise another?

Service users and their carers at the New Millennium Day Centre in Robson Avenue

Service users and their carers at the New Millennium Day Centre in Robson Avenue - Credit: Archant

Fears are mounting over the future of two day care centres in Brent following concerns that the council will vote to close one and privatise the other this evening.

New Millennium Day Centre Committee

New Millennium Day Centre Committee - Credit: Archant

A town hall reports show they plan to close Kingsbury Resource Centre in Stag Lane, despite user opposition.

The same dossier also indicates the council proposes to turn New Millennium Day Centre (NMDC) in Robson Avenue, into a ‘social enterprise’ run by clients which will be discussed by council cabinet members at Brent Civic Centre.

Changes to the service could see the centre’s users being forced to pay or fundraise for the services they need.

The four different types of service modules being considered are a charity-run social enterprise (a not-for-profit organisation that helps people in communities), a managerial takeover by the centre’s staff or complete privatisation.

The NMDC is currently the only place in the borough where people with differing disabilities, ranging from Down Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy can come together, access services and socialise.

Cassie Hawkes, a user of the centre with physical disabilities, said: “The council want to get shot of us. They want the clients to run the centre. That’s not going to work.”

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