Grieving daughter appeals for Wembley dad’s factory friends to come forward with info about asbestos exposure

Brian James Davis in 1987

Brian James Davis in 1987 - Credit: Archant

The family of a Wembley warehouse worker from Wembley who died of an asbestos-related lung cancer wants to trace his former colleagues to find out about his working conditions.

Brian Davis died a month after being diagnosed with mesothelioma aged 82, after visiting his GP with flu and fatigue symptoms in November 2015.

His daughter, who asked not to be named, has turned to a solicitor to make a compensation claim.

She hopes that by tracing her father’s former colleagues she will be able to gain further information on the working conditions at each of his factories and help piece together how he became so ill.

She said: “Within weeks, dad went from fit and healthy to terminally ill. I couldn’t believe how quickly it happened. Mesothelioma was an alien term. I’d heard of asbestos but would never have thought it would affect my dad considering he had retired years ago.

“I’m hopeful that, with the support of Thompsons Solicitors, we can find out more information about when and where he was exposed to asbestos. He worked for a variety of employers in London and the south east during his career, so hopefully someone knows something that can help the family understand how and why our father died.”

Between 1959 and 1993 Mr Davis worked for companies in and around Wembley and Middlesex including Wrigley’s Chewing Gum factory and British Baths, both in Wembley, from 1959 to 1961, said Thompsons.

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From 1961 to 1973 he worked at Hoover Limited in Perivale and from 1972 to 1974 at Alpine Everest Refrigeration

A year’s stint at BWD’s factory in north-west London in 1973 was followed by 19 years at Gallagher Limited in Northolt between 1974 and 1993.

Paula Wrigley, from Thompsons Solicitors, added: “If anyone is able to provide information about the working conditions at any of the six factories Brian worked in, they could help his family understand how he developed this fatal illness.

“Mesothelioma is a killer disease and continues to impact thousands of families every year. Our support helps them understand why their loved one became exposed to asbestos and contracted the disease many decades later.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Paula on 0151 224 1608.